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Pet scratching

A lot of dogs today suffer from itchy skin due to a selection of factors. Dogs really have more sensitive skin than humans, and are commonly exposed to a selection of irritants in their environment.

Brush carefully and down to the skin, taking care not to tug on tangles, and employing a soft bristle brush on sensitive areas.

Bathing should also be done on a monthly basis, following an intensive brushing. Employ a natural, low lather, low irritant shampoo, wet your dog down thoroughly with halfhearted water, and apply the shampoo using your hands. Dodge getting water or shampoo in his eyes and ears, and lather all over, all the way down to his skin, then wash entirely. Shampoo residue is a major reason for skin irritation for dogs. Speaking at the Yankee Academy of Dermatology's 2004 summer meeting, Dr Zoe Draelos offered a few suggestions to enhance the hair care regime.

Itching related to seborrheic rash can weaken and damage hair over a period so seek medical help if your scalp skin is itchy, red or scaly.

Employ a brush made of flexible plastic with smooth, rounded and coarse teeth. The less that is done to hair in provisions of styling, the more fit it's going to be. If you have to change hair color, attempt to stay inside three shades of the natural color to attenuate damage. Hair relaxing and permanent waving are both damaging to hair and should only be used on a particularly limited basis. Shampoo residue is a major reason for skin irritation for dogs. After rinsing, towel dry your dog, and dodge using any coat finishers or blow dryers, which may also cause skin irritation in a sensitive dog. Grooming is necessary for a dog's skin health, helps you identify skin conditions early on, and is a way for you to bond with your dog too. Alexandra DeBoer is the creator of a low-lather shampoo line for sensitive dogs.

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